1986 Corvette

In 2020, after selling my 1990 Camaro, I bought a 1986 Corvette. It has a 4-speed manual transmission and the Z51 performance package. I’ll put a list of the RPO codes for anyone who is interested.

On August 21st, 2021 my dream and goal of the past 5 years came true. I took my very own car to the Woodward Dream Cruise. Every year since I moved to the US I went to the cruise and various other shows and dreamed of having my own vehicle to take. I love seeing everything everyone has seeing this community come together from across the country.

CodeProduction Numbers for 1986
A42Standard Leather Seats
A51Sport Leather Seats Deleted
AG9Power Driver Seat33,983
AU3Power Door Locks34,215
B4PRadiator Boost Fan8,216
BGRBowling Green Assembly
C49Electric Rear Window Defogger
C68Electronic Air Conditioner Control16,646
D3XSpeedometer Driven Gear 25513049 Green
D9BSpeedometer Sensor 85007308
DL8Twin Remote Heated Outside Mirrors
E5ZDelete Speedometer Adapter
E9ZDelete Speedometer Key
FE7High Performance Suspension
FG3Preloaded Gas Shock Absorbers5,521
G87Ring Gear 8.50 Inch
K34Cruise Control34,197
K68105 Amp Generator
KB2Cast Iron Cylinder Heads
KC4Engine Oil Cooler
L98Tuned Port Injection 5.7L Engine (305 TPI)
NA5Federal Emission System Requirments
PW6Cast Aluminum Wheels, 16 x 9.5
MK2Manual 4-Speed Doug Nash Transmission
MM44-Speed Manual Transmission6,835
UQ4Delco Bose Four Speaker System
QZD16″ Wheels with P255/50 VR16
UU8Delco Bose AM/FM Stereo Radio with Cassette32,478
V01Heavy Duty Radiator
Z6ARear Window and Side Mirror Defoggers21,837
1AZModification Stock Order or Order Sold
Z51Performance Handling Package12,821
651Bronze Interior Trim
652Bronze Leather Interior
69UMedium Brown Metallic Exterior488

Of the 35,109 Corvettes made in 1986, only 488 of those were Medium Brown Metallic. That color was only made in 1986 making my car one of 488 ever made. That, along with the production numbers for the Z51 performance package, the manual transmission and the gas shocks, there is a very high possibility that my car is 1 of 1.