Play It Safe

Play It Safe

Play It Safe was inspired by two people. One of those people being Seth Sentry, an Australia hip-hop artist out of Melbourne. The role he plays in this little film are the words. I tweaked it a little so that it was school appropriate and made sense, but the words from this came from his song, wait for it… Play It Safe (Link to the original song: ) I love Seth Sentry’s music and he was probably the hip-hop artist that brought me into the Aus hip-hop scene.

The second person who inspired this video is Barry Nobles, a BMX/MTB/Freestyle/moto rider out of California (his YouTube channel: ). I used some of his footage (with permission of course) in this video. Barry, always seems to be doing something crazy; skydiving, cliff jumping, riding the nitro circus mega ramp. Everyone finds their limits at some point, either Barry hasn’t found his yet or he just pushes them to create new ones.

The footage in this that is mine, I collected over a long period of time. As for the speaker of words in this film, his name is Charles, this is his YouTube: and his Instagram @ccaruth20

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