On this page I will link to some of my work that I am most proud of.

To start it off, this is an episode of Faces of LO that I did for my schools news cast, LO-am. I think this is a really good example of my skills with a camera.

While this episode could have had another interview or two, I really liked the shots that I used.

Next up is a live shoot I directed for the same class that produces LO-am. Our teacher wanted this shoot to be perfect, so, he asked me if I would like to direct as I had directed a lot of boys and girls basketball shoots that year and was very good at it. There were some challenges on this shoot, such as the crowd because the entire school was there. We got around most of the problems and it ended up being an almost perfect shoot.


3rd place – Faces of LO Opener – MIPA – Animated Opener Cat’

Honorable Mention – Animated Radio Tower Opener – MIPA – Animated Opener Cat’

Aside from individual awards I was also on many crews for live sports broadcasts as well as the daily news casts that won awards. Most of them I directed. They included several basketball shoots, and at least one LO-am show that include an out of studio location, so we had 5-6 cameras with several different segments which is more than our normal 3 camera set up. I have liked that show below.

My Experience

I created this next film at a summer camp at Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m super proud of it because I think the camera shots I used were cool and somewhat different and dynamic. The story line may be a little confusing but if you just watch it you’ll probably figure it out.