American High School

So today was my first day at an American high school. I am sure your all wondering what its like, whats different, so heres how my first day went.
I got up at 6 and got ready for school. I left to walk to school at 7 and I got to school by 7:20. As I walk into the school grounds I saw a few big yellow school buses, like you’d see in the movies, with kids getting off them. At my school theirs only one building thats really big and 2 levels becouse during winter it so so you don’t want to be walk in the snow. So when I walked in everyone was just standing around with friends and talking ( I asume about their summers). I went to my locker (or what I thought was my locker) and tried to open it. After a few attempts I decided to check my phone to see if i had the right locker combanation. Turns out it was the wrong locker. So I found my actual locker and after a couple of tries it opened.
After this the bell (this is still 7:30am) went so I got a book and a pencil case and went to my first class.At my school there are over 2500 students so there was a lot of people walking in all different directions and suprisingly  there really wasn’t any pushing and shoving. Luckyly I managed to get to my first class without getting lost.

With the timetables over here you have the same 4 classes every day at the same time for 10 weeks then they might changed abit or not at all and repeat. So i started with Mass Media. They assigned our seats it was like Primary school all over again. We got given the curriculum and some other info we might need. After that I had 5 minutes to get to my next class which was on the other side of the school and down stairs. This was basically the same as masd media exept we didn’t have assigned seats.

3rd period I had Physics. This was the same as mass media with assigned seats and all however this time we also got a textbook. During, befor or after your 3rd period you have a half an hour lunch block. I had it after phyics so my physics teacher introduced me to a really friendly girl who showed me how the lunch lines works.

Basically there are 4 bays. I sells befeast before school as well. One bar is a sandwich bar with build your own wraps and sandwiches. Then there are two bays with food of the day type items, today one had cheese burgers and the other had chicken and waffles (yes, thats a thing). Then the last bar had snack items like chips and biscuits. All the bars sold fruit, drinks and some other items.

After lunch it was the fourth and final period of the day. I had a classes called career foundations. I had been told previously that it was very boring which I discovered was true. You know that game that teachers make you play in primary school when you get a new classes so that you get to know your class. You sign your name next to a statment that applies to you? If you know what I’m talking about they made us do that… But I can finally say I was born outside the country and I’ve lived in another country.

When that period ended I got my bag and went walked home. When I got outside all I saw was a long line of about 20 big yellow school buses and a massive croud of people trying to find their bus. All in all the day wasn’t to bad. And sorry if there are mistakes I’m typing on a phone and it’s really hard.