The Final Week

The last week of living in Australia has been and gone. Fly out of Melbourne early tomorrow morning with 2 stops before our final destination of Detroit, Michigan. We have a long day of flying. Last Tuesday we moved out of our house to my grandparents house. Then on Thursday the movers came to pack up the house. I was with my friends most of that day though. Friday I spent with my friends again and then Saturday we had a cleaner come and do an exit clean. Saturday was also my grandads birthday so the entire family had dinner at their place. I played with my cousins because I wont see them for a while. On Sunday i had my last lacrosse game and said good bye to friends. Monday we had a carpet cleaner come and we locked up the house for the final time. Today we went and saw my other grandma. We said good bye to her as well. This afternoon we took all of our bags to the airport. My dad had previously hired an 8-seater mini van just so we could get all our bags there in one trip as we have 3 big bags each plus carry on! So there were 12 bags all up. This evening we went out to dinner with everyone. It was a good dinner but then it came to good bye’s… I was really sad to leave everyone behind and to be honest I’m sick of saying goodbye. Over the past few weeks I swear I’ve said Id a hundred time. But I also know that goodbyes are the hardest part so from now it can only go up. Tomorrow we have to wake up at a ridikulus (get what ‘m referencing?) time so its a good thing we are staying at the airport over night. I’m going to miss the place I have called home for 15 years but hopefully ill be back soon for a visit in the near future. Goodbye Australia I’m going to miss you.

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