Endings and Beginnings

Last week was quite the emotional roller coaster. Starting last Monday it was my final week in an Australian high school before i move to America. I was really sad to say good bye to my friends but I will hopefully see them all again… eventually. I went through phases of being exited about going to America to being scared, from sad about leaving my friends to happy about meeting new people.

To top it all off we had to put our dog, Sprocket, down on Sunday. We found out in December last year that he had cancer. At that point he was only expected to live till April, but he was still doing alright an till a week or two ago. So we decided that it was time to say goodbye and put him out of his pain. In his last couple of day we treated him like a king. He got lots of cuddles and attention. On his last night he even got a steak for dinner. On Sunday morning we took him out to watch my lacrosse game like he used to do with BMX. When we got home we had only a matter of hours left with him. Once I said my goodbye I ended up trying to distract myself from the thoughts by watching TV shows and while it sort of worked it didn’t stop me thinking.

That evening we ended up going to my cousins house to play games and eat pizza. We all used it as a bit off a distraction from the days events but it was still nice to hangout with my cousins before we leave for America. And now there are 15 days till we move! Stay tuned for my adventures in America.

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