Moving To America!

Hey Everyone, so I have some very exiting news… I’m moving to America in July! My dad has gotten a job over there so we are moving to Michigan. I am really exited but also a bit nervous because of moving to a new country, not knowing anyone, and starting at a new school along with a lot of other stuff. But moving is a good opportunity to start fresh and try new and different things.

It will also allow me to make videos and blog posts about the differences between Australia and America. So for my Aussie friends it will show you what we all want to know… what is American high school actually like? As well as all the different stores and things like that. For the Americans the same thing just Aussie high school and Aussie stores.

I am really looking forward to all the opportunity that this will give me like traveling to different states and country’s, trying new things and going to some of the worlds biggest and best theme parks. This is really exiting for my parents and I so I’ll keep you all updated. Make sure your following a my social media so that you get updates!




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twitter: sgbmxgirl


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